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2021 Regional Local Roads Conference Presentations

This conference is a valuable investment for your entity. It is the most affordable local road conference in the nation providing an opportunity to learn and share ideas about building and maintaining safe, local roadways. The conference will showcase approximately 80 vendors/exhibitors. The target audience is highway superintendents/county engineers, municipal street managers, equipment operators, consulting engineers and elected officials.

Conference Brochure (PDF, 1491K) 
Telematics Reporting for Motor Graders (PDF, 316K)Terrence Maeschen, Butler Machinery Company
Dial in Your Chip and Shot Rate For a Successful Project (PDF, 1979K)Gill Hedman, SDLTAP
Minnesota County Experiences (PDF, 2578K)Tim Stahl, Jackson County Minnesota
Fostering Cohesive Teams (PDF, 1056K)Kenya Rutland, KJR Consulting
Achieving Customer Service Excellence (PDF, 561K)Kenya Rutland, KJR Consulting
2020 & 2021 "You Show Us" Contests (PDF, 28 MB)Noël Clocksin, SDDOT; Leanna Emmer, NDLTAP
Maintenance Welding Training (PDF, 2082K)Anthony Stampe, ALS Enterprises
Dealing with Conflict (PDF, 1048K)Emily Wilder, Kansas LTAP
Equipment Safety (PDF, 4912K)Linda Webb, Training and Beyond
Burke County Daytime Sign Inspection (PDF, 4946K)Dale Heglund, NDLTAP
FHWA Safety (PDF, 1449K)Hillary Isebrands, FHWA
Pave Ahead and SDSU Concrete Program (PDF, 1058K)Art Thompson, North Dakota Concrete Council
Getting to Know Your Employees (PDF, 1460K)Megan Patent-Nygren, Nebraska LTAP

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