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UGPTI Transportation Technology Showcase Set for Oct. 7, 2021. Click for more information.
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  • Posted: Aug 31
    Trenches and excavations don’t need to be deep or very large to create a life threatening hazard. Soil is very heavy and failures can take place with little or no warning. This months' Safety Talk provides some of the safety practices that need to be considered and addressed.
  • Posted: Aug 25
    This annual conference will be held Oct. 19-21 in Sioux Falls, SD, and will feature sessions on gravel and pavement maintenance strategies, team building, innovation, welding, roadway foundations, equipment safety and more. Registration is $100. NDLTAP is providing free registration for 10 first-time attendees and is sponsoring a bus to the conference.
  • Posted: Jul 21
    Each agency can be proactive in establishing and promoting roadway safety improvements that can be implemented by maintenance workers, by establishing policies and procedures that define roles and responsibilities.
  • Posted: Jul 20
    As the maintenance forces begin to shift their work focus from winter/spring to summer activities, it is time to begin thinking about our mowing operations. In this safety talk, we discuss 25 rules to practice for safe tractor mowing.
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