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  • Posted: Sep 29
    When cutting out brush and tree branches which have created sight and clearance problems, there are several hazards to deal with. They include moving traffic, hidden objects, unstable footing, poison ivy and oak, thorns, tools with sharp edges, chain saws, chippers, and difficult access to the work area.
  • Posted: Sep 28
    North Dakota State University’s Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute recently launched a special Tribal Sign Warrior calendar to raise awareness of the dangers of sign damage and vandalism among elementary age students. Illustrations in the calendar were created by fourth graders from tribes across the state. The calendar and this article were recently featured by Tribalsafety.org, an online community working to reduce injuries and fatalities from transportation incidents in Tribal areas.
  • Posted: Sep 21
    This document provides highlights and an overview of the latest updates, enhancements and new features in UGPTI’s Geographic Roadway Inventory Tool (GRIT).
  • Posted: Aug 31
    Trenches and excavations don’t need to be deep or very large to create a life threatening hazard. Soil is very heavy and failures can take place with little or no warning. This months' Safety Talk provides some of the safety practices that need to be considered and addressed.
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