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  • Posted: Jul 21
    Each agency can be proactive in establishing and promoting roadway safety improvements that can be implemented by maintenance workers, by establishing policies and procedures that define roles and responsibilities.
  • Posted: Jul 20
    As the maintenance forces begin to shift their work focus from winter/spring to summer activities, it is time to begin thinking about our mowing operations. In this safety talk, we discuss 25 rules to practice for safe tractor mowing.
  • Posted: Jun 28
    As summer settles in across North Dakota, you're probably noticing that bees are especially active these days. It's their favorite season! And when they disappear as fall approaches, it will be time to be on alert for wasps and hornets.
  • Posted: May 3
    On May 18, learn how several agencies have used the four pillars of FoRRRwD to implement this countermeasure to keep vehicles in their lanes, and how you can do the same. Registration is required for this FREE webinar.
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